The Country Club Community Council or CCCC has a goal to promote, preserve, and enhance the quality of life in the neighborhood.

All contributions go towards family oriented events and neighborhood maintenance to retain the beauty and safety of the community.

Country Club Community Council

The CCCC is composed of residents from the Historic Country Club District working to enhance the quality and safety of the neighborhood while informing the community of upcoming events that may have an effect on the area.

The council also provides neighborhood events for

community bonding and networking.  

Some of these collaborative events include;

the spring clean up •                                  egg hunt •

garage sale •                    Labor Day picnic •

         winter luminaries •            neighborhood parties •

The CCCC is always looking for new individuals to contribute to these annual events.  

Historic Country Club Neighborhood Dues

Every year the CCCC collects neighborhood dues to help with the activities

throughout the year and help fund miscellaneous costs.

We ask that each household donate $15 so the CCCC can continue to provide services and inform residents of any upcoming issues

that impact the Historic Country Club.