History of the Country Club District ‘The Show Place of Omaha’

In 1860 it was recorded, by President James Buchanan, 161.2 acres of land be transferred to Albert Steuart in pursuance of an Act of Congress approved

March 3, 1855, entitling "An Act in addition to certain acts granting bounty land to certain officers and soldiers who have been engaged in the Military service of

United States." located under General Land Office Warrant 21239.

In 1857, Albert Steuart transferred the land to Geo. A. Graves. Graves later transferred an undivided half to Walter Craig and another undivided half to the group of  Wm. Hogg, George Hogg, and John McCormick for $800 in 1858.

In 1900, owners sold their land to the original Omaha Country Club.

The Omaha Country Club was founded September 30, 1889, with articles of incorporation filed June 18, 1900. The owners were noted as WH McCord,

Arthur P. Guiou, Chas. T. Kountze and 97 others.

February 29, 1924, the Omaha Country Club sold the land to Woods Brothers Silo & Manufacturing Company for $150,000 due to increasing pressure from the advancement of residences in a growing city and moved the course north to it’s current location.

November 12, 1925, Theodore Metcalfe and Wm. Woods, President of Woods Brothers Silo and Manufacturing Company entered into an agreement with a consideration of $225,000. The purpose of the business was to be general manufacturing, also purchasing, sales, and leasing of real estate and personal property.

Theodore Metcalfe and his wife eventually received clear title to the land.

On July 28, 1926, they transferred the 78 acres of land to the Country Club District, Inc. The purpose of the new Metcalfe Company was to develop distinct,

affordable homes.  

The Metcalfe Company began planning the site for the development of the Country Club Community by focusing on the existing gentle slopes of the golf course.  The development offered wide streets, ornamental streetlights and sightly views.  Most of the first ‘Brochure Homes’ were completed before 1930 and the rest followed until completion in the late 1940’s.  The Metcalfe Company strove for diversity of

design from home to home moving away from the ‘sameness’ happening in other parts of the growing city of Omaha.  

The Country Club District maintains the original character and charm due to the pride of the community.  The Country Club District, truly ‘The Show Place of Omaha’.